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Thread: whats up sensei's!!!! noob advice please

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    Lightbulb whats up sensei's!!!! noob advice please

    Greetings everyone. I'm new to the forum and i'd like info and pointers from people with experience.
    i'd like to start with some basic information about me.
    i'm what you would call an ex-gamer turned gym rat. All my life was this skinny guy that you would never even notice unless i spoke (loudly) to you. i weighted 124 pounds, was sick all the time, and was never motivated to do anything except get a high kill/death ratio on call of duty. Girlfriends( the few i had) always cracked a skinny joke here and there. stuff like this stacked up and eventually i got really depressed. finally after years of anxiety, i decided i had enough my own bullshit and that i was going to fix myself. the gym became my new interest/obsession. long story short, after 1 and half years in the gym and downing an overwhelming hard gainer diet. I've found myself with a stronger body and a sharper mind. i feel like I've found a passion of mine here and i'm interested in a future in men's physique.

    age 27
    My weight is 183 lb
    BFI is about 17%
    power clean-145(i know its a trash clean its not my favorite exercise)

    i take bcaa and other basic supplements(fish oils etc)

    I'm considering taking anabolics to take it too the next level however i do worry about side effects. also i had no idea there was such a thing a PCT until finding Dylans channel a few months ago. Can i get some info about test E, also is it possible to run primobolin in your first cycle? ill be grateful to any respondents

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    17% bf is too high to jump on cycle bro. And with only 1.5 years in the gym, I highly doubt you've developed the proper foundation. You obviously have holes in your diet and nutrition. You need to address the diet first and get yourself some real time in the gym before even considering aas

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    You seriously need to get that bodyfat down before ever touching steroids. What does your diet look like? Do you just eat whatever you want?

    Have you considered sarms? I think that's the best route for you at this point

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    Congratulations on the progress you've made.....I've been reading a lot lately about doctors suggestion exercise as a means to combat depression & anxiety.

    However you're not ready for AAS yet, not after 18 months. And not @ that bodyfat.

    Bump Rick; what are you eating?

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    excellent job with what you have done... that alone is awesome and i love that but you have to do this right brother... you have to get your body fat down to around 12-13% first.. thats a must... you CAN use sarms first to help you get into the condition you need at a much more rapid rate...

    if you are not familiar with sarms, start with articles here…

    let me know and im happy to help you set up a sarms stack…

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