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Thread: What do you think hes on?

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    What do you think hes on?

    Anthony Fuhrman from Titan Games (new tv show by Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia)

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    It's really hard to tell nowadays. There's a guy at my gym that is natty and looks way better than I do. It really comes down to genetics, training, and diet.

    Some guys are on a shit load of gear and others don't need much at all...if any.

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    Depends man. Many guys on gear that look like theyve never used a thing. Plenty of guys that are natural that look better than the guys on gear. The guy you mentioned def looks like he uses though. I usually look at the dealts and traps to determine first, oily skin, acne...

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    You cant tell shit from looking at someone. I know plenty of guys that are jacked that never used a thing. I also know some guys personally that have used gear for years that dont even look like they lift. True story. I've been accused of using steroids for 20 years, and I didn't start until 2011.

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    i really dont think about things like that nor care... i hate to put that on other people and speculate... the only times i ever thought about things like that was during the baseball steroid era when i was young and pretty stupid on all of this and even then, i never assumed things because im just not that kind of person... i go by facts, not assumption

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    It's completely pointless to mindlessly try and guess these things one way or another.


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