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Thread: What do you think?

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    What do you think?

    Dylan, been enjoying the info you bring on YouTube. I have a question for you if itís ok? I hope you donít mind answering anyway? Iím TRT 100 msg/wk of cypionate and I chose to run 400mgs of prop also for just 4 wks and Iíve also been running tren E for going on my 4th wk now. Ive been doing gear throughout my life, but, nothing like tren. My question is should I run tren E for 4 more wks bc I have really gotten hard as hell, strength has doubled, losing the little body fat I had, but still keeping weight up to, with muscles increasing? Any feedback will be greatly appreciated brother!! Thanks again!

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    tren e is a longer ester so you havent even gotten started at 4 weeks... yes, you should run it longer as long as its not causing you problems... dont get greedy and increase the dose or anything like that but 8-10 weeks is plenty

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