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Thread: Welcome to our NEWEST moderator... Saiyan

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    Welcome to our NEWEST moderator... Saiyan

    Since we have basically had the same mod staff for years, its been difficult to add anyone else to an already full staff... However, since we recently had NY take a leave for personal reasons, a spot was now available and I felt it was the right time to make an addition to our staff... I spoke with Saiyan probably a year and a half ago and being on the staff when the time was right... I never once forgot about him but I do feel that it may have upset him to a point when nothing came of it but it was not because he was not worth of it whatsoever, it was due to the fact there was simply no room for another mod... Saiyan has shown time and time again to have extremely strong advice as well as being one of the most rationale, fair and intelligent people we have... So I am happy to announce our newest mod... Saiyan...

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    You picked a stand up gentleman right there. Very outstanding member, all around good guy

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmb5017 View Post
    You picked a stand up gentleman right there. Very outstanding member, all around good guy
    i agree and thats what i want representing the site... hes as stand up as they come

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    Congratulations saiyan! I know you'll do great here

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    Great choice... Congrats!

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    Congratulations bro!

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    Thanks Dylan. I'm sure most know me by now. I was one of the first to join AR so it was obvious I'd come to isarms. So I know quite a few of you as well.
    For those that don't know me stop in and say hi anytime. I've been in the game a few years but have dumped the majority of my time into expanding knowledge and helping people. I've run quite a few compounds but am on a break right now with a new doctor and trying to hit things from new angles. Like I said? Let me know if you need anything and we'll do what we can to make it happen.

    Robolics Representative. PM for details.

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    Cmb, cbbram, maj, thanks guys. We all go way back as wel and I'm glad to have your support.

    Robolics Representative. PM for details.

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    Great choice

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    Congrats Saiyan!

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