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Thread: The VIDEO YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!! Why Oral Only Cycles are Horrible!!

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    The VIDEO YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!! Why Oral Only Cycles are Horrible!!

    The video you have all been waiting for is now ready to be viewed!!

    Do you want to know why oral only cycles are horrible? Get the in depth answer to this and the many strong opinions I have on oral only cycles from my new video...

    Why Oral Only Cycles are Horrible...

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    Lol Dylan goes off good one man

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackburton View Post
    Lol Dylan goes off good one man

    had to get the point across! LOLLL thanks brother

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    Damn how I hope ALL NEW MEMBERS watch this one!! Far too many out there thinking aboyt doing oral only cycles, so this is a very important video

    (PM me for a price list for Biotech Labs and 10% discount)

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    Again great video this will help so many people well done mate

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    BRO THAT WAS FRIGGIN AWESOME! PERFECT...RIGHT ON POINT, AND TO THE POINT, WITH AS FEW WORDS AS POSSIBLE! Now all we need is for the guys to listen and read. We have this vid, we have the sticky, now lets see how many oral question we get.
    Again, that was perfect bro,you could not have stated it any better than that.

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    I hope you make this a sticky. Can you put it right under or above the orals only stick?

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    Really good vid D. If ppl dont get it after watching this, then the never ever will. Great video brother

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    Good vid Mr Dylan. Well laid out and easy to grasp . You know I remember when the word "oral" was a good thing!!

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    Cool...made it a sticky.

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