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Thread: Video Suggestions for the man! Dylan no homo lol

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    Video Suggestions for the man! Dylan no homo lol

    Hey brother! Hope all has been good. I am a long time member since 2016 had to stepped away from the whole lifestyle for a moment due to life, but Here I am once again! Anyhow I had a video suggestions. So I been doing research, reading and watching all kinds of videos from different sources. Even though I am not new to PED, I did forget a lot of stuff maybe it?s the age lol idk... Now the one thing people seem to lack in explaining is estrogen. For-example: how it builds up, and the possible sides of low and high estrogen, what drugs to use, the difference in types of drugs and dosages (I know this differs in individuals, and that?s why we need to take bloods people!) anyway and also when to use these different drugs. I have been coming across forums post and articles in how you shouldn?t take an AI while on cycle that people should wait till they experience sides. I know you have explained a lot about AI in the past, but I think I would be good to get a in depth video about estrogen. Idk just a thought..
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