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Thread: Vacation problem

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    Vacation problem

    Coming up in August I’m going to be travelling Europe for two weeks. I’ll be on week 5 of RAD and LGD and for the two weeks I won’t be able to get the chance to workout or have my nutrition on point. What should I do in this situation? Keep running the sarms for the full 12 weeks?

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    thats really up to you.. clearly it wont be a very effective cycle for you to be not working out or eating right when its near its peak... i wouldnt continue but thats your call

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    Why cant you train? To tide yourself over for a couple of weeks just find something to pull yourself up and use your bodyweight and other objects to hit the rest. A 30 minute intense fullbody body weight workout using things like a full suitcase ect every other day should tide you over nicely. Make sure you hit your protein and dont go crazy on the sugar. I actually recently injured my neck, 2 and a half weeks off i was fuming. I just simply ate well, rested and lifted again when it felt right. 2 sessions in and I was back to where i was beforehand strength wise. Where theres a will theres a way my friend

    I know exactly what its like trying to stay healthy and in shape when everyone around you is pissing it up. Just stick to the heavy stuff and try to curb the beer. Your head might hurt more in the morning but your gut will thank you
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    Did you know absolutely it this vacation before you started the cycle? To me it doesn't make much sense to start a cycle when you know you'll have this going on. It would basically be two weeks withOut progress, and more than likely you could lose progress on condition and performance from poor dieting. Missing the gym for two weeks isn't as big of a deal as the diet part. You still need to fuel your body what it needs

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