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Thread: Urgent - testicular issue

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    Urgent - testicular issue

    Hey Dylan,

    I watch a lot of your videos on YouTube. I am really hoping you can help me with an issue I’m having.

    I’m running test (500 a total a week - 250 twice a week), HGH (2 in am 2 at night) & Anavar. I’m using dex as needed. Like 1-.5 a day or every other day, usually more after pinning test. That day and/or day after normally more, then less sensation in the nipples & I take less.

    My issue is that the tubes connected to my left ball swelled up about 2 weeks ago. 1-3 days after swelling up my balls started to get sore. Now they are hurting & driving me crazy.

    I really appreciate your feedback & help with this. Let me know if you need any further details.

    Thanks again,

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    Honestly, that doesn't sound normal, and you may want to go see a doctor about that.

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    yeah, that sounds like an entirely different issue.. i would definitely get to a doctor

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    Man definitely get a check from a doctor.
    It's not a joke.

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    sounds like a mess to me in which only doctor may be able to see what is up with your testicle, or you can send pics?

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    Have you checked your doctor yet? You can expect anything when you're into this sphere and not supervised by a professional..

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