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Thread: Umbilical hernia repair

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    Umbilical hernia repair

    Well boys looks like IÂ’m gonna have to have this repaired.
    Little frustrating as IÂ’ve made some massive improvements over last 2.5 years. Probably gonna keep me off the weights for 6 weeks. IÂ’m hoping to get back on elliptical after 3 weeks.
    IÂ’m off cycle for next 4 months and running my TRT at 175mg/week of test for now.
    Anyone got advice on maintaining things while IÂ’m down. I have some oxandrolone/anavar left over I could use post surgery to help and IÂ’m still using GW daily. I could put this surgery off but itÂ’s only going to get worse.
    Pretty sure I saw DG had to deal with this exact issue and cbbram had injury as well so IÂ’m open to any advice. Thanks boys!!!!

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    i dont know, its been such a bitch for me... its taken me almost a year and a half to get back to normal in terms of my stomach looking like it did and its still not there fully ... its been something i wish i never did but as you know, its something thats necessary... the first 3 days are terrible after surgery.. you can barely move but it progressively gets better... its something you dont want to rush or you will truly regret it, i assure you... take your time and rest

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    I've had hernia surgery before. It's no joke took about 8 weeks before I could go back to work. This type of surgery takes a while to heal. Recently I broke my collar bone and this took about 8 weeks also. This surgery was a walk in the park compared to the hernia surgery. Definitely take the time to heal a few months will do your body good to rest.

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    try to no abuse the pain killers they give you either... they will actually give you something to help you shit as well because the pain killers can cause issues and you shouldnt be pushing hard either if thats something you do or you could rupture the procedure... they will go over everything with you... i never want to go through it again...

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    Appreciate the feedback boys. My surgical consult in Monday morning.
    Either of you have to have the mesh placed over the hernia?

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    Yes I have the mesh. Very common.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cosmos2008 View Post
    Appreciate the feedback boys. My surgical consult in Monday morning.
    Either of you have to have the mesh placed over the hernia?
    no, i was able to not have it and i certainly did not want it whatsoever... it is common but there are issues that could arise... it depends on how bad of a hernia it is... if its avoidable, i would definitely avoid it...

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    Had surgery Thursday and this pic from Saturday morning. Still very swollen but some of my definition starting to come back. I had 3 ports placed laparoscopic and access through belly button. I had mesh placed under muscle which they can do with out open surgery when done laparoscopically. So far I’m not as sore as I thought I would be. It does make me look like I’ve gained a bunch of BF due to swelling . Now just curious as to how long til I can at least get cardio going. I’m pretty sure dead lifts and squats are out for a long time.

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    They also gave me Vicoden and that stuff works!!! I can see why pro athletes get hooked on it.
    I took DG’s advice and started stool softener from get go and it’s made huge difference in that area.

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    Wishing you a speedy recovery bro. Be careful with those pain pills I know you need them right now but they are highly addictive.

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