Afternoon gentlemen, hoping to get some valuable input. I am a 30 yr old healthy male, well taking low T into account. I've been on TRT for about 2 years now with no complaints. I get injections of 100mg of Test/wk and 500iu of HCG 2/wk with anastrazole/arimidex .25g/wk . I've read post that since i am somewhat relatively young, that taking a break of a month or 2 or longer would not be a bad idea to let my body rest. Had blood work done this week and was told by my physician that my test levels where in the 590's, since we lowered the Test dosage about 6 months ago, since @ 110mg my test levels where in the high 900's. Anyways I am planning on taking this break which entails them lowering the dose over 1 month so i do not crash. I do want to retail muscle mass and have bought LGD, RAD and some OSterine, so i have that at my disposal. How should i go about taking these? how can i take these to not supress my own test productions since the reason i want to take a break is to not solely rely on test injections? I also bout a natural Test booster (one used for PCT which has good reviews)...when taking the Sarms should i still take the arimidex since do not want to get gyno since i think my body type is prone to it? any input or advice would help