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Thread: Trt and sarms.

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    Trt and sarms.

    Hey all. I have been using mainly sust, var, deca and epistane for the past 10 years at low to moderate doeses 2x12 week cycles / year With fantastic results
    . We had a crazy little boy a couple years ago, I stopped working out about a year ago...blah blah blah.
    Doctor put me on 350mg cypionate every 3 weeks...i feel a lot better. I'm ready to start stocking so in about 6,months I will be ready get back doimg what I love. Test var and deca just really works for me.

    I'm 38, in muscle-ish fat dad shape, 6ft6 270lbs. I'm also on levothyroxine 50mcg a,day (heredity, 70% of my family is hypo)

    Mildly gyno prone, epi takes care,of it

    Would sarms be better or more beneficial than what ive been running?

    Looking for experiences


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    in terms of results , no . in terms of sides , yes . AAS are stronger than sarms ...

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    it sounds like your body fat is far too high for steroid use... so yes, sarms would definitely be the better and safer option

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    Doesnt sound like you are in the right shape for steroids or have the right foundation built. That takes years of consistent training and dieting. Sarms are your best bet for the time being

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