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Thread: TRT, Esters and low SHBG

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    TRT, Esters and low SHBG

    I’m on TRT, 200mg/wk (less gives me low T symptoms, feel better on 250, but doctors are freaked to even give me 200, so I don’t push it). SHBG is 14. Are certain esters better for low SHBG vs high SHBG?
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    the ester makes no difference whatsoever... that has nothing to do with anything

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    Ester will make no difference. I am not sure of the exact question though. Low SHBG is good. Are you wanting it higher?
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    No, low SHBG has its perks for sure. Even when my T was 329 my free T, androgen index was still average for a non-user under 40 who normally has T levels in the 500’s. I know that doesn’t compare with you guys who take gear and assists, but every bit helps.
    I read some guys talking about propionate giving a higher feel good than cypionate for people with low SHBG. That’s where my question came from.

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    thats all so stupid bro... not you, but the thought... it makes no difference whatsoever on the ester

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christmas View Post
    I read some guys talking about propionate giving a higher feel good than cypionate for people with low SHBG. That’s where my question came from.
    I feel much better with Prop than I do with Cyp. For me it's because I'm dosing a lower milligram more frequently rather than a larger dose less frequently. My libido is not as high with Prop as it is with Cyp because there isn't that huge spike but my energy levels are noticeably higher with Prop. My age may be a factor also I'll be 50 in a couple of years.

    This is my personal experience with these two esters.

    You can ask these questions all day long you won't know for sure unless you give it a try yourself.

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    I’m asking first because cypionate I can get from a pharmacy, propionate I can’t. I haven’t bought any steroids outside of TRT use. It was finding out I needed T to live a normal life, then finding out how stupidly strict the system was, that led me to these forums. Initially to have backups when doctors get stupid (if you look muscular, they want to stop your treatment, even if you haven’t run a cycle before). Ironically, doctors thinking I’m cycling because I’m muscular (so, many TRT patients never hit the gym?) has pushed me to be much more open about buying outside the prescription.

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    The first injection I had was at a men’s health clinic, which had prop and cyp in it. The prop was an immense energy rush and intense mental alertness. Then it wore off within a couple days. The cyp kicked in. It was meh. I felt normal again, but no energy rush or intense mental alertness. But I’ve wondered if that was due to being my first injection or if others have experienced prop the same way.
    I went to a urologist for cyp injections because weekly injections weren’t cutting it for me, and I couldn’t leave work early multiple times per week. The physician was also 5 min away while the clinic was a 40 min drive.

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    Prop has to be injected eod....

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    I found that out after. I think they did it this way to get men excited to use their services. A lot of men on TRT wouldn’t know the difference. If they went to a different provider they would just get cyp and end up going back for the prop and cyp mix.

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