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Thread: TRT and cycle

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    TRT and cycle


    Hallo Dylan!

    Love your YT-channel 😃 were your straight forward approach is very appreciated 👍🏼.
    Im turning 54 in jan and Im doing trt since may 2017.
    My protocol is:
    Every day: 22,5-30 mg Test prop.
    Every other day: 250 iu HCG
    Every 5-6 day (depending on morninglibido): 0,25 mg Arimidex

    It works ok but would 0,25 mg Prami every night improve my sexdrive and libido.
    I think its to much of an rollercoaster right now.
    Some days Im like a horny teenager and some days Im like 80 with no sexual intererest at all.

    Thank you for your time and keep up the good work 👏🏼.

    Regards from me in Sweden

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    You need to get blood work done to properly manage you AI dosage.

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    no, prami will not... you need to get bloodwork done to see what your actual issue is... im not a psychic and me guessing at the issue wont do you any good

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