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Thread: TRT 300mg every other week

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    TRT 300mg every other week

    Just started prescription TRT cypionate and the only protocol the clinic has is 300mg every other week.
    Expecting some unstable blood levels.
    Anyone else had this protocol? how did it work for you?

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    no and thats not a wise protocol at all.. you need to find an endocrinologist that has a brain

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    I never understood how clinics prescribe these stupid regimens. How does the so called doctor not under stand stable blood serum levels? I would shop around and find another clinic man there a bunch of them. It?s unhealthy to raise you Test levels that high and dip them so low like that.

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    Your body would produce testosterone in small amounts every day so that is how a proper TRT protocol should work. Forget esters because they do not work the same in the real world when you are talking about TRT and not cycling. You want to be pinning as often as possible. At minimum 2 times per week. Honestly though, every day pins would be best for stable levels and estrogen control. I would fire the clinic and either self-TRT or get a new doc.
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    No one should be on the program you are. I have been on TRT (200mg a week) for more than a decade and have always injected twice a week ( 100 mg Mon and Thur).
    You need to find a new Dr/clinic. The roller coaster of hormonal instability you are about to go through isn't worth it.

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    Way to high for a trt dose in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ballin2504 View Post
    Way to high for a trt dose in my opinion.
    yes, basically double where one would be

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    Ha ya there is just so many things wrong with this protocol lol. I feel like even basic knowledge and understanding of endocrinology and pharmacology would tell you this is not ideal nor healthy for longevity or TRT purposes. Just cuz a guy or girl has a white coat doesn?t mean they know what their doing ha.

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    300mg every other week is really not too high necessarily, considering its 150 per week. But dosing every week the 150 would be better

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