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Thread: Trt 20 years old

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    Trt 20 years old

    Hey Dylan I'm 20 years old I've been a competitive wrestler my whole life and been working out/lifting for 6 years. my diet and lifestyle has always been super clean i don't smoke or use any recreational drugs. I've never had any problems getting off or anything but i never really had much of a sex drive nor any energy and I've been noticing more and more as time goes on that these synonyms are getting worse. my sex drive has been going down I've been more tired and lethargic and my anxiety and depression have gotten a lot worse plus i have loss of interest in girls which is what really scares me. I honesty have no interest in girls. You would think this would get better as time goes on but it's only getting worse, like i said I've always had these symptoms they have just been getting worse every year. I got my T levels checked about 8-9 months ago and they were 315 which is still in the normal range so they said I was fine. I dont know what to do because I know 315 is not normal for a healthy 20year old athlete. I don't feel miserable or anything but it makes me wonder what I would feel like if I had normal levels. Please help, thanks!

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    see a qualified endocrinologist and have a complete physical and hormone work up
    most family Dr's are NOT qualified to diagnose hormonal issues
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    yes, as buen said, you definitely need to see a QUALIFIED endocrinologist because while that may technically be in range, thats extremely low for someone your age...

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    Like they said go see an endo and get a full panel bloodwork. Look into Vitamin D and getting enough healthy fats in your diet. Check out the 4hour body by Tim ferries he has some good protocols for increasing Test naturally. If you can't get the book for whatever reason pm me and I'll give you the cliff notes version

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    You need to go see and endo that can help you bud. Those levels are extremely low for your age, and you need to explore options with your endo to bring those levels up hopefully naturally, but if not I'd say you are a viable candidate for TRT

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    make sure you listen to what everyone is telling you and actually go to the endo and not ask others what to do.. this is very important... only a qualified endo should be dealing with your situation

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    The blood work was through an endocrinologist I've gone to 2 different endos and both of them told me eveyone has different test levels some might be in the 300s and some might be in the thousands, both are healthy it just comes down to a matter of how you feel. And I do feel fine besides what I mentioned in my previous post, but like I said I'm a competitive athlete and I have a major disadvantage having my testosterone levels being that low. I was on the borderline of qualifying for trt I think it's like below 300 and mine was 315. They were hesitant about putting me on trt at such a young age. They both wanted me to wait a year and get my levels tested again so they kind a left me in a gray area. they asked me what I thought about trt and I told them I wasn't interested because I was scared of the Side effects. So I guess my question is what do you guys think I should do, are there any alternative besides trt? Or do you think it would be a good idea to go on trt at the age of 20

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    you need to listen to what they told you... you CAN use something like tongkat ali which should help you

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    Ive already used tongkat Ali and about every herbal test booster and it only raised my test levels slightly barley exceeding 400 so it's some improvement but still extremely low...

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    i dont know bro, im not going to have anything to do with telling you to start trt... thats completely up to doctors... i guess you could try clomid for a while but i want nothing to do with any trt advising on a 20 year old whatsoever... you could run clomid a month or two and see if it changes anything...

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