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Thread: Trenbolone cycle

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    Trenbolone cycle

    Hi Dylan

    First of all I will say thanks for all those good videos youíre making, they are very helpfull and interesting.
    Im a 23 years old boy from Norway. I have been training for 5 years and now I wanted to go a step forward, so now Im running my second steroid cycle. First cycle I ran was 500mg test and 400mg Deca week, and 4 last weeks of my cycle I ran turinabol. Now im 2 weeks into my second cycle and im running around 350mg test and 350mg tren, and also 40mg Dianabol first four weeks. In my first cycle I didnít notice any side effects and I was all good. What do you think of what im telling you? Is it anything you would do different? I did run a cruise of 250mg test /week after my first cycle into my second tho.

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    Man U are way too young and way too inexperienced to be running those types of dosages and compounds imo
    U have no business messing with any aas especially tren at your age. Not trying to beat ya up but it’s the truth

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    Did you ever pct?

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    Bloods anything sounds like u just went from one cycle to the next and never stoped?

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    There is no cookie cutter answer
    Welcome to the board.

    The answer you're going to get to "What do you think of what im telling you?" is not what you're going to want to hear:

    A) Too young for AAS
    B) Absolutely no reason to cruise

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    Why are you cruising man? Shit...I just turned 28 and I still Pct. of course trt is in my near future but dude youíve done a lot for your age. I would highly suggest getting blood work done man, not just for your hormones but you need to get a full report on your liver enzymes and complete health. Many of us have started young, but I think what you have done is reckless. After all of this it looks like trt May be in your near future as well man. Good luck with that tren man, it sneaks up on you

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    Wait.....youre Only 23 and already blasting and cruising?? Wtf are you thinking? You're too young for any steroid, and blasting and cruising at your age jist means you have possibly ruined your natural endocrine system and possibly also ruined or at least significantly reduced your chance of ever having kids.

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    key word in the first sentence... "boy" you are a boy and you should not be using steroids as a young boy.. period... you are just ruining your life man... you are making it worse each day to the point you are going to be such a fucking wreck in your 30's, you are going to hate yourself every single day

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