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Thread: Trenbolone Acetate anavar

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    Trenbolone Acetate anavar

    Hei mister Dylan i want your advice in my 12 week cycle that I wanna start I wanna bulk in the first 5 weeks and to loose fat at the rest of the cycle Iím 23 years old 75kg 1.75m 1-12 test prop 50 Ed 1-12 Tren acetate 50 Ed 1-5 anadrol 50 Ed 6-12 anavar 50 Ed

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    You are too young to be using any AAS yet, and using them now could cause your permanent damage. Sarms would be better suited for your goals right now. has legit products, and has prebuilt stacks for all needs.

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    i dont know anyone with even a fraction of a brain cell that would advise you steroid use at 23 years old and especially not tren man... thats insane... if you paid me i wouldnt advise this bro... use your head here

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    Revisit in a few years. Work on building a solid foundation naturally.

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