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    Halo Dylan

    Iam running trenbolone and need advise from you when using it,to protect myself do I need to use nolvadex and proviron while using tren or as an after cycle?

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    There is no cookie cutter answer
    Tren is a very serious steroid. These questions should have been asked way in advance of anyone using it.

    What are your full stats

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    You shouldn't be using Tren. It's for advanced users, and judging by your questions you are far from advanced

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    You're in a world of hurt bro being this irresponsible. You need to educate yourself BEFORE running a Tren cycle.
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    sorry man, no way on the planet earth im advising any sort of tren use to you if you dont know little basic facts about it... this is for ADVANCED USERS ONLY period... what are your stats? age/height/weight/body fat? cycle history?

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    Dude would you enter a room with a black door that clearly reads research this door before entering do you want to enter the dark side without any light? Why would you go with a steroid like tren if you have no clue on using it you need to understand what comes with Tren the sides are real and and are as real as it gets. I am running tren at 150 eod no sides but I still fear it every time I use it. Stop when you can and learn

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