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Thread: Tren - Optimizing Your Capability To Use It

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    Tren - Optimizing Your Capability To Use It

    Tren is powerful, but known for powerful sides. There is the mental/emotional and physical.

    Mental/Emotional: rage, insomnia, depression. These are symptoms of a high dopamine to serotonin ratio. Serotonin causes calm and contentment. Dopamine causes aggressiveness, anxiety, and is proportionally related to non-chemically enhanced libido. High serotonin to dopamine ratio can result in apathy and a lack of motivation.
    Most steroids result in some increase in dopamine levels. Tren has a much stronger response. This is why Tren is recommended for advanced users.

    Physical: it’s pros include nutrient partitioning and preventing the creation of new fat cells and preventing fat storage. This is actually both good and bad. It’s good because it’s easier to lean bulk. It’s bad because it basically makes your fat cells insulin resistant, so once your muscles are full you are technically diabetic.

    This is also why you can get nasty hot sweats: with uncontrolled high blood sugar, your body will get rid of sugar by peeing, sweating (bacteria love sugary sweat, and can cause acne complications), and trying to burn it off or heat up to encourage more sweating.

    This is also where it can damage your organs, arteries (causing ldl cholesterol to deposit on injured sites, it acts like a bandage), and heart (excess blood sugar causes microtears in your blood vessels and damages nerves). This is if you are eating much more than you need for training and growth, particularly with high glycemic carbs and processed foods. This is also why you should be an experienced lifter, healthy, nutritionally aware, and experienced with the inflammatory increases common with steroids.

    Ideally, to consider Tren, you should be mentally healthy, physically healthy, have good eating habits with a desire to continue as such while on Tren (vegetables, whole foods and unprocessed meat), and experienced with steroids and their effects on you in general.
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    mental is one of the worst aspects about it that people often overlook and/or don't understand... what tren can do to you mental and emotional is a huge issue and something that should never be overlooked

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    You touched on some great points. Tren is in a class all it's own on side effects and what to expect going into it

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    Really nice wrote buddy. There is definitely a need to be mental ready for everything when starting Tren.

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    I'm banking on tren and mast helping me achieve a bigger thicker leaner body.

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