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    cycle esarms

    Hey Dylan,

    Just ordered some new products from ESARMS very happy with it so far.

    Iím currently doing a cutting cycle for my cattle and I wanted to try to give them GW ( 10MG ED ) cardazol (1 dose a day / 6 pills) and since itís the first time Iím using RAD140 for them I was thinking of dosing it at 10MG a day.

    My question is: for a 6.00 feet tall 190 pounds - 15%bodybfat cattle is 10mg of rad worth it for the purpose of cutting ( keeping strength and muscle or should I increase it to 20mg ED )

    Thanks a bunch ! Love your videos.

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    bro , please stop saying cattle... that just sounds so absurd

    you need to run both gw and rad at 20 mg per day... you will love this cycle if you run it properly... definitely run cardazol along with it...

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    lololol!!! Yeah dude, you donít need to pretend itís for an animal.

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