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Thread: Testosterone cypionate 200mg per week

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    Testosterone cypionate 200mg per week

    Hello Dylan
    I really appreciate your input and YouTube videos.
    My question is my anti aging doctor prescribed testosterone cypionate 200mg per week .5cc twice a week along with .5 hcg sub q. And Exemestane tablet twice a week 5 weeks on 1 week off..
    Can I do this cycle for the rest of my life until I decide to cycle off?
    I am 52 years old and have been doing this since 2016.
    I have cycled off for 35-40 days max after 4 big cycles.
    What do you reccomend?
    Thank you in advance.

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    I don't know that on permanent TRT, that you should be running hcg constantly throughout (probably just a few times a year). Everything else about this look like fairly standard TRT. To be clear, this isn't a cycle, this is a replacement source of test to keep you at normal levels. You should not be coming off of it, and this is permanent. You were prescribed it because you were low already, and if you try to come off and recover, you are almost certainly going to e worse off than before.

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    i dont see 200 mg being necessary for a trt dose... you need to go to an endocrinologist, not an anti aging doctor who is simply trying to take your money... that way you can determine if its actually needed or not... you shouldnt ask me nor anyone else online about this

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    At 52 years old I would just stay on and get regular blood work and stay at optimal levels.

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    Ya at that age your good to go no need to cycle off however the dose may be a little high

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