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Thread: Tren: Dreams

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    Tren: Dreams

    Recently I have started running a tren ace cylce, 70mg eod (this is my first cycle using tren). And aside from the insomnia I have been having the most vivid and amazing dreams, currently I am 5 days in but the dreams started 3 days in, every time I fall asleep or have a nap, (I have a 30 minute nap everyday and I have experienced a dream every time) I wake up the next day feeling like I was in another world... was wondering wether anyone else was having the same thing?

    Still waiting for the tren gains tho, I know it takes about 10 days to kick.

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    I've had that on tren before. Teen can pretty much fuck with every system in your body so it's not surprising at all

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    Embrace the dreams! They are epic!

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    not surprising whatsoever... its very common with tren... we have all been there

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    Been there done that got the T-shirt. Loved every minute of it and can't wait to do it again!!!

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    Yup, 6 weeks into my tren e cycle. the dreams are there for sure, nothing bad. enjoy your ride!

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    it hits everyone at different times but most people encounter it at some point!

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    Ha the crazy dreams is prob the only non horrible side effect tren has to offer lol ha not to dis th guys who love tren but it's not for me found that out when I ran it

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