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Thread: Tren Diary Cbbram

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    Tren Diary Cbbram

    Tren first timer...popped my Tren cherry. This will be more of my experience shared than a log. Gonna shoot for 8 weeks. Just pinned Platinum Biotech TDT Rapid in the left glute. (1/2 cc) It's a blend of Tren A, Mast P, Test P 100mg each. I was really nervous about Tren cough but nothing happened. Getting ready to hit the gym.

    For anyone that doesn't know me this is my 8th cycle and I've ran Ment 3 times already so I have a general idea of what to expect.

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    So basically I'm starting with 50mg eod of each compound. I figured that was a good starting dose.

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    Hopefully it goes well

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmb5017 View Post
    Hopefully it goes well
    Thanks bro...

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    Keep us updated bro. I'm curious what you think of Tren. Everybody seems to either love it or hate it

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    Nice man good luck

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    There is no cookie cutter answer
    Tren cough comes from pinning to fast.

    Pinning tren is like banging chicks, slide it in slowly and take your time...and you won't have negative repercussions.

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    So jealous bro. May the gear gods bless you with no sides!

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    Following! Good luck bro! Keep us posted!

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    I love Tren reason is I get minimal sides and my body reacts great to it but that is just me. Good luck will be following.

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