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    Test enan

    I’ve on my first cycle ever, only running test e, 375mg per week 2 injections. This is the 8th day and my bladder is weak and have been going to the bathroom a lot, what could be causing this?
    I’ve contacted you because I watch all of your videos and I’m a big fan. You really seem to care for the right information getting out to the public.
    If you have a clue on why this is happening I’d be more than grateful.

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    how old are you? age/height/weight/body fat?

    do you have any history of bladder issues?

    low levels of testosterone can cause frequent urination... people receiving trt show improved urination patterns... do you have low testosterone?

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    What is your stats and experience?

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    Are you taking any type of liver or organ support ? Sounds like your having prostate issues. I had the same issue/ have the same issue when I run to high of cycles without any support. Try taking a organ support it should clear up within a few days.

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