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Thread: Tren for 8 weeks

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    Tren for 8 weeks

    anyone get much from an 8 week tren cycle?
    I'm not interested in doing 12 weeks, but that's the
    most common cycle to read about. Don't want to short change myself.

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    thats completely fine to run it 8 weeks

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    8 weeks is fine as long as you use shorter esters like tren ace

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    8 weeks is all you want to run of tren regardless.

    it hits you like a freight train. by week 8 the sides become annoying and you will want to come off

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    You can definitely do that. By week 8 when I ran it last I was ready to get off. The results are great but side effects get really annoying.
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    8 weeks of ace is all you should be running, shouldn?t be doing 12 of ace

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