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Thread: Timing with Orals

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    Timing with Orals

    Just curious what peoples consensus is on when to take orals. This is my first time using them and was wondering when is the best time to take them. Pre-workout, in the morning, at night post workout? Or just consistently the same time everyday? I have researched the half life of Anadrol and depending on what you read, some say the half life is 9 hours, other sites say it's as long as 16 hours. That's a pretty big discretion. If it truly is 16 hours, then I don't see timing is that big of a deal, but if it is 9 hours then I could see timing being a little more crucial. Just want to maximize their effectiveness. Thanks!

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    depends on the oral... i have generally just taken them once a day.. i usually take mine in the morning but some have a shorter half life where you may need to split the dose... i can tell you i never split my anadrol dose and i had huge results with it... you just dont want to take your orals the same times as you take your protection as well... split those 3-4 hours apart

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    I don't use orals anymore but when I did I just took them daily at once. It honestly makes no difference splitting the dosage, but you certainly can if you'd like. Time of day doesn't really matter. Just make it the same time every day

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