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Thread: test e dosage

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    test e dosage

    hello I'm 25 years old ,5 years of training 14%bf and I'm now in my first cycle test e 375mg per week and proviron 25mg ed this is my first cycle, in Monday i inject 250mg and Thursday 125mg
    my question is that dosage enough to see gains ?
    i have ampoule of 1m 250mg , so in Monday I'm injecting 1ml and Thursday I'm injecting 0.5ml 125mg (I share it with friend)
    is that okay?
    thanks for the answer

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    There is no cookie cutter answer
    The gains depend on you not the dosage.

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    okay but I see a lot of people talking about running at least 500mg test e per week,
    I just wanna make sur I'm doing things right thkns for your answer

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    thats a load of shit saying you need 500 mg of test to make gains... absolutely ignorant to say the least and if someone tells you that, you should never listen to anything else they have to say

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    Honestly man, you could cut and preserve muscle on 200-250 and even grow on 200-250.

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    thanks for answering guys,
    what about if I'm doing 250mg test e every 5day

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    what about it?

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    Plenty of people have made great gains on 250mg a week so why don't you try 125mg twice a week and forget this every five day nonsense.

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    What were your bloods pre cycle. You should be running Aromasin at 12.5mg EOD and get bloods done again in week 7 of cycle. Also, organ support along with the oral.....

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    I can't take 125mg twice a week cause I have ampoules of 250mg

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