I am wondering if I can get your thoughts on what is happening with my bloodwork here.

This was my pre cycle blood work:


Now for the last 5 weeks I have been taking 250mg of Test Cyp every Saturday. Last week I had missed my Saturday shot and wasn't able to shoot until Tuesday(10 days between my shots), and I then had my blood work drawn on the day after on Wednesday and the results looked like this.

I am wondering what you think about the free test only being at 425 after 5 weeks of being on cycle, even at TRT doses I would have thought that this would be in 1000's range. Does the fact that I took so much time off between my shots and that I drew blood the day after I shot play into this being so low? does it take a few days for the shot to reach circulation through out the blood? If my estrogen wasn't so high I would say that maybe the test I am using is bunk, but clearly if it is bumping my estrogen it must be good. Also I thought in one of your videos you said while on cycle your LH and FSH will crash, mine still seem to be in the normal ranges?

As for the high estrogen, Right now I don't have any AI on hand, I am gonna ask my Gym owner (who sold me the Test) whether he has some, do you know of any good UGL sources where I could get ahold of it quickly before it turns into a more serious issue?

Thanks Dylan, love the content, honestly I am learning a ton from your videos. I hope you and Youtube can figure out whatever issue is going on.