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Thread: Bulking stack

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    Bulking stack

    26 years
    1.80M Height
    82kg Weight

    Body fat around 22/24
    I’m burning a lot of cals based on my work (fedex)

    I was thinking of getting bulking stack from for 8 weeks.”

    What do you guys think?

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    My goal
    Notable muscle size / shape

    Bicep( shoulders ( tricep ( calves ( quads

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    at a body fat of 22 or higher, you definitely DO NOT want to bulk brother... you need to get that body fat down and THEN you can look at that... i would absolutely go cutting for your cycle

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    I got my chems today!

    Is okay if I take a deworm pill before taking this sweet chemicals?

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    7 day liver cleanse and a flush out
    “Milk thistle”

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    you can take a cleanse with them, yes

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    Oh, this actually answered one of my questions. Thanks again Dylan.

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    You don't look chubby at all. I'm taller 10cm and weigh less lol.

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