Hello friends!

The last time I was here, I was looking for information in regards to start a gear cycle, but ultimately decided to go the safer route and go to a TRT clinic, and got started on a regimen of testosterone and CJC-1295.
Since then, my powerlifting numbers have rocketed forward, and I'm now maxing out at 550 squat, 565 deadlift, and 345 bench @ 190 lbs (up almost 60 lbs in ALL lifts in only 6 months.)

I come here now with a few questions in regards to the new goals I'm looking to achieve: lose fat while maintaining (or even improving) strength. I understand that this is almost entirely going to be dependant on a strict diet and workout routine, but I am looking to give myself every edge I can.

I currently only take Testosterone (two .5mL injections a week) and CJC-1295 with no AI.

What SARMS would you guys recommend to gain definition and burn fat?
Should I look into purchasing an AI if I add SARMS to my TRT regimen?
Would a PCT be necessary when I cycle off of the SARMS?

Thanks for taking the time to help a confused guy out, this is an awesome community!