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Thread: Testosterone/Trenbolone/Anadrol STACK

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    Testosterone/Trenbolone/Anadrol STACK

    Thank you all
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    Do you want Dylan to lift the weights for you too?
    You need to post your full stats. If you're asking about dosing weekly or daily you're probably not ready for steroids

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    Bottom line is...if you have to ask questions like the above...IN NO SHAPE OR FORM ARE YOU READY FOR THIS TYPE OF CYCLE.....especially TREN...which is for ADVANCED users with multiple cycles under their belt

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    brother, this is for ADVANCED users only and an advanced user would know all of this like the back of their hand... in no way would you be asking these basic of questions... what is your cycle experience?? age/height/weight/body fat?
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    You are talking about a pretty advanced cycle, but we need your full stats, goals, and experience before we can advise you on anything
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    That is the extreme stack bro. And if youíre asking that broad of a question, you need to take a major step back. You are no where near ready for that combo.

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    Jesus If you need any advice at all you are not ready for that combo . Tren and drol is a love hate relationship with me I love the way I look and feel everyone else hates me because I'm a complete dick and a ticking time bomb and the last time I got bloodwork on that combo yeah HDL almost non existant

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    Quote Originally Posted by MartinSM View Post
    This is for my boyfriend. Heís pretty advanced. I donít have his exact stats. Iím a nurse so he always entrusts me with his cycles. I like to do my own research first.
    Well we are going to need a lot more info on experience and stats before we can give advice. "Pretty advanced" doesn't tell us much, and this is a very advanced cycle
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    Considering you're his cycle advisor you seem to know frighteningly little. Being a nurse doesn't mean shit when it comes to knowledge of steroids.

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    Have him sign up and come talk to us. Other than that, nobody here will give you any advice for him. Nobody is being a dick. But that combo can fuck people up.

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