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Thread: Testosterone and memory loss

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    Testosterone and memory loss

    Just wanted to share something for anybody interested in testosterones role as a neuroprotective. So I have an anxiety disorder for which I used to be medicated for. I took about 4-6mg of clonazepam (klonopin) a day for it. Needless to say that’s a pretty large sized dose for most people... I started working out and started a my third cycle which was turinabol and testosterone (tbol at 60mg a day and testosterone cyp at 375 a week). I continued taking klonopin with surprisingly no memory loss at all even when I finished my cycle and started trt at 125 a week I had no issues. I came off trt which I know isn’t very smart at all. Anyways my memory after 3-4 months of stopping trt changed entirely. I could barely remember things from the day before, I was starting to have a very mild stutter because I couldn’t think fast enough etc and it got progressively worse. I got back on trt and the memory loss stopped progressing. I only had the dramatic memory loss when I took the medication. Anyways I thought this would be something interesting to share and was wondering if anybody had any theories on why this took place. My theory is the testosterone acted as neuroprotection against the klonopin but I know a lot might disagree. Interested to hear everybody’s thoughts on this!

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    test is good for a lot of things.. anxiety, depression etc.. glad you're' doing good on it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by js007q View Post
    test is good for a lot of things.. anxiety, depression etc.. glad you're' doing good on it!
    Thanks man I appreciate that!

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    That's some really interesting information. I don't know enough about klonopin to make any educated guesses about interactions with exogenous test.

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    thanks for sharing

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    Glad you guys found it interesting! As far as mental health and well being goes testosterone has worked wonders for me.

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    your not the only one bro.. it has for many

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    Being optimized on your test levels have benefits beyond what many even realize

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    I can't remember what life was like before TRT.

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    trt is life changing if you truly need it... thats undeniable... there's too many people that just push themselves on it without needing it but if you do need it, it definitely makes a huge difference in quality of life

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