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Thread: Testosterone and memory loss

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    Yes I notice a huge difference in my memory sharpness when on testosterone that was one of the things that got me so hooked over the muscle building effects

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    Brain function in general....not just memory loss can be adversely affected when you have low test. So technically test can in a sense make you smarter....if you're deficient to begin with

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    That's called brain fog from the lack of DHT. You can get brain fog also from taking Finasteride and lowering DHT too low. This is why most people feel good on just a TRT dosage of Test and a little Proviron. Doesn't take much.
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    amen to this post! i can relate very well! life before TRT i was always trying to recover, once i dabbled with tren it totally shot my test from recovering. Anyways, yes tons of brain fog. I almost felt sick or like a dying feeling before TRT. My quality of life is night and day now before i chose to stay on. Huge life decision but more than worth it. My mental sharpness, energy and motivation is so different now.

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