Curious about some input about how to modify my TRT dosage. Currently cruising on Pharma/Perrigo Testosterone at 100mg e5d and my bloodwork came back saying that my total testosterone was at an even 1000ng/dl. Most recent injection was Sunday morning and bloodwork was taken the following Wednesday morning. Total Cholesterol was 179, with HDL at 103. Hemoglobin and RBC was *just* outside of range and Estrodiol was slightly higher than ideal at 53. No estrogen symptoms reported. Haven't been using an AI while at a low amount, but have plenty of Aromasin on hand.

I feel like if after that many days, my Test levels are at 1000, that I could probably back the dosage down a bit and the other borderline issues would resolve themselves. My thoughts are to either try either 80mg e5d OR go back to Sat/Tues or Sun/Wed schedule of 75-80mg each day for fewer peaks/valleys. More stability might benefit as well. Also curious as to if the consensus would be that lowering that dosage even further would be ideal, or if adding in Aromasin at 12.5 twice a week or even 6.25 eod would be better. Might be nice to keep Estrogen at around 30.

If any other information from bloods is helpful, I'll happily post up when able.