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    I saw many of your videos on YouTube. I am 48 years old. My testosterone level is 161. I am married with 2 little kids However no libido no sex drive. So I decided to take Testosterone shots twice week. I did 2 weeks and no results yet. I am 6.11 and 280 lbs. Thank you very much I need help

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    Have you seen a TRT specialist regarding your low test? Have you ran previous cycles? . It sounds like you have little idea and are self medicating with very little knowledge .

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    yeah, you need A LOT of help... i have no clue what you expect to happen in two weeks with a long ester... second, you have zero business doing this on your own... you are going to end up hurting yourself... any endocrinologist with half a brain would see you have a problem with your test levels and put you on a script but you need to be their care, NOT doing this on your own

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    You should not be winging this. Let what you put in you clear, and then see an endocrinologist.

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