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Thread: Test Suspension Pre-workout?

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    Test Suspension Pre-workout?

    So, my arms are really lagging due to not giving them proper training and focusing too much on compound movements (mainly squats and deadlifts). That's cuz i cared about losing bf and just building a nice core and an overall fit body

    It really started to bother me now that i achieved my V-shape lean body that was looking for, i really want more size in my arms , do you think something like 50 mg of test suspension 30-45 mins pre-arm day would help or isn't worth the effort?(during a cycle of course, i know test suspension has a very short half life and that i'll be supressed if i was just going to use it once a week)

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    its not going to help you with anything but intensifying the workout that day...

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    Pretty much wgat Dylan said. Dont expect a miracle. Just gives you a little boost

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    That's still nice . thanks for the replies

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    no problem

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    You may have to increase your AI on these days because you will get increased estrogen.

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