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Thread: Test Propionate Question

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    Test Propionate Question

    Would you recommend taking an estrogen suppressor woth a test propionate cycle

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    It is purely dose dependent and also on how the individual responds to aromatizing compounds. How much were you thinking of running?
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    Thanks for the reply. I'll be doing 1cc every other day

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    You?d should always have an AI on hand period not something you want to be looking for when you wake up with gyno ha

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    I kind of figured, even though its a beginners cycle, just in case

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    Idk if you have Ran a cycle yet but certain people such as myself are very gyno prone even on a TRT dose of test. Aromosin works best for me armidex I feel doesn?t get rid of the flare up as well.

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    I would love to hear the full plan

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    yes, whats your stats as well? age/height/weight/body fat?

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