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    Test e

    Hi Dylan. I’m about to run my first cycle. My bloodwork is all good.
    I am 25 years old.
    Height is 174cm
    Weight is 166lbs
    Bf% is 12-13%

    My cycle is test e 500mg a week for ten weeks.
    I will be running it with proviron dosed 25mg am & 25mg pm.

    I am hoping for a recomposition.

    If I do this cycle in a calorie deficit should I expect to gain lean muscle and strength in in addition to cutting bodyfat?


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    I would advise you to wait just a few more years before running an AAS cycle, just to let your endocrine system finish developing so you don't end up with a lifetime of low testosterone problems. In a deficit you can still make some gains, but not nearly as much as in a surplus. I reccomend that for now you check out some sarms stacks instead.

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    We've been through this a time or two already. Asking your question a different way will still get you the same answer.

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    Still a bit undersized and young for an aas cycle

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    i really would not recommend steroid use at 25 years old so i cant really be of help to you... im also not a psychic when it comes to what you will and will not gain... thats more trial and error than anything... good luck...

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