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Thread: Dylan what?s your take on?!

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    Dylan what?s your take on?!

    Hey Dylan here I am again with another question (but hey must be refreshing not getting a PED question lol) so after more Research I came across something that really was a surprise to me, because I drink a huge amount of caffeine, and I know I need to cut it! Although Kratom has been helping so I been tapering off.... anyway I wanted to know your input on caffeine and cortisol? Does it really have a big impact on cortisol?

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    very interesting articles there^

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    If your interested in Cortisol control I suggest you try Ashwagandha. I have been using it for a few months now and will now have it in my daily supplement stack for life. It has many benefits as well.

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    Caffeine can be beneficial but you really need to keep an eye on how much you consume. I keep mine to 100-200mg per day now. Basically a cup of coffee in the AM, maybe 2, or maybe the 2nd is my pre workout.
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