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Thread: Test/Deca Cycle

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    Test/Deca Cycle


    Hey bro. I'm a big fan of your YouTube channel. I have quick question. I'm on TRT have been for 4 years. Been training hard for 4 years, I'm 43 5'9" 195 - 10% BF. I'm wanting to get a solid 15 pounds of muscle and want to run a Test/Deca cycle.

    I have quality gear and all the safe guards for prolactin(caber) and estrogen(Aromasin). I知 pretty conservative and I知 not looking to blast this out in 6 weeks J. What are your thoughts of 350 Test/Cyp per week and 200 Deca per week for 10 weeks? Like I said I知 not sure if this will get me 15 pounds(I eat clean now) but I知 willing to cycle this again later if needed. Do you believe this will give me decent results with little sides? Thanks again for your input..

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    deca at 10 weeks is simply a waste.. its one of the longest esters you can run... 12 weeks is the minimum i would run it but would consider 14... i would run at least 250 mg of deca.. you are not going to gain 15 lbs with it at 200 mg... 300-350 would be ideal... thats still a moderate dose...

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    I知 on 250mg test and 300mg deca and loving it. I suggest you give it a shot. 200mg deca will be just enough to tease you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JackSteel View Post
    LMFAO, the irony! LOLLL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saiyan View Post
    I知 on 250mg test and 300mg deca and loving it. I suggest you give it a shot. 200mg deca will be just enough to tease you.
    i completely agree... you never want to go too high on deca but 200 is just a bit too low as well...

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    Thanks fellas. I wrote this to Dylan before starting. I started last week with 200 deca and 400 test, and just pinned 300 deca and 400 test. I'll continue with this to see how it goes. Only thing I've felt so far has been a surge in energy from the test I'm guessing. I'll continue for the next 11 weeks - this is my first "real" cycle and I'm excited to see the outcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JackSteel View Post
    Are you sure that's not the EA van????

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    OK. So I'm three weeks in. I understand deca takes some time to really shine. But, I run a temp after every time I pin - and sometimes for a day or so after. On top of that the pin sight is RED, hot, and hurts this has happened 2 out of three weeks. I have a feeling this means my product might not be the best in class?? Dylan - what do you think? Thank you sir.

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    Your body is definitely not agreeing completely with it. Could definitely mean there痴 some impurities. Are you doing one injection per week?

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