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Thread: Tbol dosing

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    Tbol dosing

    Does T bol need to be split into 2 doses, One in the AM and one in the PM or Can I just take the 60 mgs in the morning

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    16 hour half life so it's up to you. I usually take my orals an hour before I go to the gym. I don't split them up but you can if you want to.

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    Ok. Is running t bol 5 weeks or 6 weeks better?

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    I'd just dose it all at once personally.

    5 or 6 weeks.....won't make much difference. Recommendation is 4 to 6 weeks

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    I’m with Rick, I dose tbol once a day.

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    I did both split and the full dose. Started with a split dose just to gauge it then ended up just going with the full dose. No change either way. 6 weeks was a good run. I would like to run it again for sure, next to winny it is a stong favorite. The only thing that impacted me negatively is I couldn't jog on it very well due to lower leg pumps. Everything else was great. Enjoy bro!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winnyman View Post
    Can I just take the 60 mgs in the morning
    yeah, it's ok. I think the split is not needed while using tbol

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    once a day is completely fine...

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