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Thread: T3-T4 for Fat-Loss/Recovery

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    t3 does work, yes... however its far from ideal... theres a lot of things that work but that doesnt mean they are good for you and/or right for you

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    Wow, I am late to this party, but you definitely don't want to mess with your thyroid. You think it's hard to bounce back for Test suppression, that's nothing compared to total HPTA shutdown which can happen if you abuse T3/T4. If you're looking for a fat burner, go with GW for a short term fix or get MetFormin long term--which is perfectly safe to use 500mg 2x a day to improve insulin sensitivity (and general metabolic health). Although no one talks about it in the bodybuilding forums, but when I had Type 2 Diabetes, I was taking 1.8mg of Victoza a day. I shed 20 pounds without making any changes in my diet. I still had 3months supply leftover and when I hit a plateau at 192 pounds, I used it and dropped another 12 pounds. Victoza is expensive though--but man that stuff worked better than anything I have tried (including GW and Adderall, which I have been on for 10 years for ADHD).

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    Quote Originally Posted by RickRock View Post
    You dont want to mess with your thyroid. Bad news. Plus that shit is catabolic and will eat your muscle mass away

    Aside from health reasons I Would never touch it because of the amount of muscle loss your going to see with the fat.

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