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Thread: T3 + Nolvadex + Proviron or HCG while on PCT/ TRT

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    Red face T3 + Nolvadex + Proviron or HCG opinion while on PCT/ TRT

    Hi Dylan

    Hope you and your family is safe and sound during these testing times . Now after my last short cycle of a mix of Tren+masteron + Test ( aka code name shred max - attached
    ) this was end of last year 2019, I was taking it a bit easy after that and then to add to it Lock down ( Corona ) started Gyms were closed up until last month in my country 🇮🇳 .. I have been completely off track last 6 months ( diet / training ) and got me to do a blood work where in I found my lipid levels to be out of wack and most importantly the test levels ( very much below normal levels- attached ) , remember I did not do a PCT after my cycle I am aware blame on me۔ My current physique after almost 6 months of no training and bad diet is just Fat and unhealthy. ۔۔ Now I have started my training and hired a coach - after seeing my results he has put me on small doses of Nolvadex , Proviron , T3 and with some most basic dose of Test Enth per week for 8 weeks .

    *Will this protocol work for me to lean back and get my levels back ofcourse with proper diet / training Rest or should I be doing a good old HCG protocol ?* Thanks much in advance 💯

    Also I am ok with Nolvadex and Proviron but T3 is making me think twice though it's a small dose , I also have a Carderine sitting with me from my old stack ( should I replace T3 with Carderine ) ?

    Love and Respect From India
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