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Thread: Sarms stack questions

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    Sarms stack questions

    What’s going on Dylan!
    Huge fan. Been following you for years love all the content. Was wondering if you have the time to answer a few questions when ever you get a change. I’m currently on rad140 and cardarine (1week so far) heard from a couple sources those two could be a good stack for a good lean bulk. After doing some research noticed not many people talking about those two sarms together. Are they?
    I’m currently 31 years old
    Decent amount of muscle but also a little bit of a dad bod going on at the same time.
    (5 kids).
    I want to build up lean muscle but at the same time cut a lot of the fat off. Should I stay on that stack or maybe just one or the other or maybe add something different?

    Thanks for your time

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    the stack is perfectly fine to run... its a nice combination and should give great results if you have real sarms... i have no idea where you got them so i cannot comment on that part of it

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