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Thread: sustanon and deca

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    sustanon and deca

    Hey Dylan,

    Love the videos, have found them very informative!

    I was after a bit of information really, I'm 28 Y/O and looking to start a course as I have recently got back into the gym after 5/6 years out.

    I took a course of sustanon and deca about 8 years ago but nothing since. I am looking to bulk and gain lean muscle with as little water as possible.

    I have been advised the following course from my supplier,

    Start off with
    1 mil test
    1 mil decca
    Same again Thursday
    For 3 week then up the test and decca to 3 mil each a week so
    Monday Wednesday Friday
    Run this for 8 weeks then take the deca out and add in trenbolone
    2ml of trenbolone
    2ml of test a week for 4 to 6 weeks

    I was just wondering what you thought of this and if you could give me any advice you can?

    I want to take something to help me but don't want to mess myself up so your help is massively appreciated

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    Don't listen to your supplier. You are being set up for a bad time. You should not be thinking of running a cycle if you just got back to the gym. Put in some time to let you connective tissue strengthen up first. Second, without the gear concentrations, specifying x millilitres means nothing. Last, this is a bad cycle plan for a bunch if reasons. Swapping 19-nors is a bad idea, and really you shouldn't even be talking about tren at all. That is a monster you save for after you have a lot of cycle experience, and even then use conservatively.

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    thats impossible for me to answer when you literally give me nothing to work with... i dont know your cycle history, your goals? your workout history? stats??? age/height/weight/body fat... you cannot expect any sort of valid answer when you give me nothing to work with…

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