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Thread: Sustanon 250 Facts: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

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    Sustanon 250 Facts: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Do you know the facts on sustanon? The different esters it is comprised of? How to use it? If there REALLY is a difference between sustanon and other forms of test? Learn these answers and MUCH MORE from my new video...

    Sustanon 250 Facts:

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    Top video mate!

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    Very necessary video because sustanon is a very misunderstood blend of test, that people seem to not run properly more often than not

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    I think that explains it well. here are so man misconceptions on sus. I always did like it, but today I blend it in the syringe to be 12% prop, 48% cyp, and 40% decan. I use 200mg once per week(sunday) and 200mg of just cyp(thursday) once per week. Nothing magical...just a preference.

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    thanks guys... way too many guys do not understand the facts behind sustanon and WAY too many think that its stronger in some way, which is complete absurdity... i cover all this in the video..

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