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Thread: Superdrol

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    Hey guys, can anyone tell me anything thing good or bad about pharmaceutical grade Superdrol?

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    It's a very strong,toxic shitty drug that most can't tolerate

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    Have you taken it?

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    Nope n never will..I know a few here that has, but it's about as rough as it gets with orals

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    I mean...judging by your status, you seem to be a person good credibility, so if you have, I really like to hear of your experience and rather or not there's a reasonably safe dosage.

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    No I've never used it...there's a few orals out there I'll never touch, super drol,halo, mt tren, cheque drops. These drugs are ridiculously strong as well as toxic..the only person who should use such drugs would be a power lifter who's going for a record...but he'll still pay a price health 44, I know he's tried it maybe he can give u personal experience, but it'll be hard for anyone here to justify its use

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    Okay thanks

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    Anytime bro...what are u wanting to do? There's plenty of better oral options to reach Ur goals that's a lot safer

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    I just did my first competition, came in second place 🥈 and now I'm bitten by that bug. I want to do another one in October, while I'm still in good conditioning, but I want to to put on a little more size, but stay lean or get even leaner at the same time. I'm 42 yrs old, 6ft tall, 36" waistline and all of my blood are normal.

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    That's me in the middle

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