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Thread: High estrogen

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    High estrogen

    What's up guys? Looking for some help with a high estrogen problem. I've been on cycle for 5 weeks and started having sensitivity on one nipple. I then increased my aromasin to 12.5 mg every day for 1 week before bloodwork. I've been 12.5 eod since the start of cycle. Either my aromasin is no good or I am extremely estrogen prone. I have aromasin from another source on hand. I also have arimidex, tamoxifen, and letrozole. Advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    I don't see your estrogen on the blood work. Do you know what the number is?
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    First off, you posted same results twice. Where is the page with your estradiol?

    Your test is pretty fucking high. how much are you pinning?

    I will not ask about BF% because at this point it does not matter.

    i need your E2 level.

    If you have a sensitivity in a nipple I would use either Arimidex(anastrazole)1 mg every 3 days or letro (Femara)1.5 every 3 days. they are both something like 90 +% effective at scrubbing estradiol. Yes I know that Aromasin is "suicidal' but so what. Your body just keeps producing more aromtase enzyme. BTW: Aromasin is only about 70% effective as far as I know.

    Yes it works and destroys the enzyme but you will for sure make more enzyme (aromatase) just as surely as you can get out the can of Raid but the cockroaches keep multiplying.

    Aromasin=Raid Letro / Adex=tenting the house.

    I would also suggest a short course of tamoxifen (Nolvadex). maybe 40 mg a day for 1 week.

    I have on occasion had sensitivity in a nipple and the smallest of lesions (felt like a grain of rice. The Nolva is a SERM (selective estrogen receptor modulator) and will specifically block at the breast level. That is why it is used in breast ca patients.

    Regarding your elevated test level here is a cut and paste of mine from another thread. i suggest you consider it as a course of action. JMO.

    If you are on test only please consider a lower dose. You will not get massive with a 1500 serum level any more than with a 500 serum level. If using other gear the below paste is for you !!!!

    Bingo. The so called "deca dick' is likely a prolactin issue. Guys think that the test dosage must be equal or greater than the deca dosage (more bro science).

    So they pin say 400-500 of deca and the forums told them they would therefore need at least 400-500 of test. In their mind they think I'll just round it up to 600 and now the problems begin.

    High prolactin, E2, bloat, emotional swings, acne etc.

    On top of that the dick is limp.

    "Oh, must be that deca dick" they lower the deca and raise the test to 800 !! Why? Well I have to make up for the lowered Deca so I'll raise the test.

    Be careful. These are very powerful hormones and you can quickly get in a world of shit.


    Again think of test as the "dick hormone".

    200/wk will likely be enough for good wood.

    If you had a headache would you take 2 tylenol or take 10 to get rid of the headache faster?

    There is your analogy. If 200 of test is good for erections why take 600,800 etc.

    Test is for the dick. Other compounds for anabolism. I cannot be any clearer.

    As Dylan said test is a base and let the other compounds shine !!!

    FWIW: Consider liquid Cialis to aid in erections. I'm sure you have sources here on ISARMS.I don't want to discuss sources but will say I much prefer liquid to tabs !!!

    Take your low dose test and add in say 15-20 mg of liquid Cialis. Your woman will be using your johnson as a pull up bar.

    That's all i got.
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    Sorry my estroidal didn't post my bad it's 337. Very high I know. I felt I was running a moderate dosage of test at 350 mg ew, 275 mg of Tren ew. I have no libido issues whatsoever. Should I start with letro for a week then switch to arimidex

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    Tren could be screwing up your results. That's unusually high estrogen for 350mg Test. Please post the results that show estrogen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbbram View Post
    Tren could be screwing up your results. That's unusually high estrogen for 350mg Test. Please post the results that show estrogen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JD81 View Post
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    Yeah it has to be Tren screwing your results up. I've heard of this happening before.

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    Just start on the Adex. What is point of letro first/ Don't overthink this.
    As far as the results it gets a bit tricky. i believe Quest and Labcorp use 2 different methods. i see your labs were through labcorp which uses ECLIA mehtod. This can cause elevated E2 readings if on Tren.

    Next time use Quest ( as opposed to Labcorp (

    It gets a bit complicated. Anyway you need to address the breast issue NOW !

    I really don't know your true E2 level but your serum test is high so i'd back off on the test to say 200 mg/wk and leave the tren alone. Just one option. Of course your libido is fine you have the serum test level of a stallion at a stud farm.

    As far as the estradiol test here is a link to Ulta which is a division of Quest. They have a special on estradiol for about $30. I'd say spend the money to see where you are at.

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    tren can skew the results on estrogen, mine showed 200 last cycle i ran tren and i had no issues going on and im very estrogen prone and no when something is coming on... doc brought up good points about over doing test with deca and i can see that for tren as well... your not running test very high but you may want to lower it a bit more... it very well could be the tren skewing the results

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