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Thread: Stupid or not ?

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    Stupid or not ?

    Im 25 years old, and have trained a longtime now. I have got one testomax and one deca durabolin in capsules. Heard och read much about them. Saw your video, and got me listened to you because of saying to use our heads and commentsense👍, so i dont want to injure myself. Its 3 capsules a day if I just use deca OR MAYBE testomax. So IF I use both of them it becomes 6 capsules overall. So My quastion is, Can i use both?

    Btw Srry for My english, Im from sweden.

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    deca in capsules? i have no clue what you are even talking about but get rid of whatever bull shit it is you have

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    Throw it away

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    Throw both of them away.

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    Throw it away that is scam

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    I think you get the message so I am not going keep repeating what everyone has said. The most effective way to administer testosterone or deca is by intramuscular injections. There are creams and gel that some docs prescribe but if you read most of the reviews are negative in comparison to intramuscular injections. If a fear of needles is something you have then mabe you should do some research on sarms and see if that is a route you want to go.

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    Well damn, you got took bro.

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    There's no such things as Deca in capsules, so I have no idea what you have. The word Deca itself refers to an Ester on an injectible so it doesn't even make sense. I'm sure you have something that was marketed to get People to buy it because of the name, but it's impossible to help you on that. It's nothing you should take at all. Get rid of it ASAP

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    please do as we advised on this... you are going to end up learning a very hard lesson that could be easily avoided...

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