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Thread: Still fat as hell. But feeling great

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    Still fat as hell. But feeling great

    Just started week 7 mk677, lgd4033, mk2866.
    40 and been beating the shit out of my body my entire life. Injuries have slowed me way down. I feel better now than I have in ten years. Bicep tendinitis that I’ve fought for years is almost gone. My surgical shoulder quit hurting. Plantar fasciitis is almost gone and my sprained wrist that “needed” surgery is no longer an issue. I’ve also had complete knee reconstruction and a c5/6 spinal fusion
    I can’t say that this stuff has made me stronger but it has allowed me to put in the work needed to make me stronger.
    Gotta get that diet dialed in and I’ll be back in the game

    6’ started at 240, currently 230.
    Week 1
    Week 6

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    Great progress. Definitely getting leaner and staying thick.

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    Keep it up bro

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    U really dont look that bad my guy. Hang in there "bionic man"

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    Thanks guys. I’ll post another update in a few weeks

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    Keep at it, and looking forward to future updates.

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    Nice mate. Great work!

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    some decent thickness for sure . Gonna look real good once some of that mid section comes off and arms etc define more . Great work mate .

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    keep working hard brother... nice job!

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